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This superbly hand carved functional art furniture creation was conceived in solid European Walnut and Mahogany, and it took 6 years to make. Featuring the busts of four famous authors on the upper tier, and scenes from their literary works in high relief on the adjacent 20” x 40” panels.
From left to right are busts of Goethe, portraying a scene from Faust.
Followed by Victor Hugo with a scene from Le Misérables.
The two upper central figures are a Renaissance man and women reading literature. The man is reading from a scroll and the woman is reading Madame Bovary, a very scandalous book of its time.
They are carved on semi-circular radial panel doors situated behind Mahogany wood-turned columns.
Followed by the bust of Mark Twain, portraying a scene from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Followed by Shakespeare, portraying a scene from Hamlet.
The bottom left panels feature Johannes Gutenberg, a man of the millennium for his revolutionary invention of the movable type printing press, and next to it is the Gutenberg Bible. The first mass produced book.
Both lower right panels feature dramatic scenes from Dante’s Inferno.
The side panels reflect the fables of Jean de La Fontaine and Aesop.
Dimitri's ardent love of reading the classics during his youth inspired him to recreate, and bring to life some of these masterpieces in wood, so their spirt may fill the room's atmosphere, but it was difficult to choose from so many great authors.
Price upon request
La Bibliothèque
One-of-a-Kind by
Dimitri Nedelcu
Description: One-of-a-kind carved art Le Bibliothèque` (Library)
Size: 10 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall x 26" deep (at the widest center point)
Photo credit: the renown photographer Ron Livieri of New Haven, CT.
This carved art La Bibliothèque` is not a restoration project, it was designed and made by Dimitri Nedelcu from the ground up. There are no others like it in the world.
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