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A Benjamin Tillman painting was restored after it was vandalized. A partially cleaned Canaletto oil painting
Restored after being vandalized with spray paint.
Painting Restoration Gallery
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Corrected a previously botched restoration
Torn canvas and water damage restoration
Torn gilded and painted leather screens that were restored
A restored german landscape painting. Universal Fine Art Conservation restored the ripped canvas.
Gouged canvas restoration
Universal Fine Art Conservation restored the ripped 4-panel gilt and oil painted leather screen. Benjamin Tillman painting restoration, Canaletto painting restoration, German landscape painting restoration, Jesus painting restoration, 
gilded leather screens restoration, Bill Mac artwork restoration, Chalk on paper restoration, oil painting restoration, painting restoration, 
oil on canvas restoration
Broken Bill Mac cold cast bronze
Canaletto painting restoration German landscpae painting restoration
Gouged chalk portrait on paper restored
Here is an array of different types of restorations Universal Fine Art Conservation has accomplished.
Cleaning and restoration is a very important part of owning and caring for your art collection.
Did you know that your art collection should be inspected every several years in order to maintain its finest condition?
Have you recently acquired a painting that needs restoration or cleaning and varnishing? Historical paintings should be examined and, if it has not been taken care of, it will need attention.
Our specialists have the highly refined skills to solve any problem relating to your canvases and oil on boards.
They will take that old yellowed varnish off, clean the painting and re-varnish with the most current and safest materials that are available today.
Paint loss restoration
Fine Art Restoration Gallery
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French Marquetry Dresser
French Marquetry Highboy
French Marquetry Nightstand
Chippendale table
Chippendale Settee
Rococo China
George III Table
Fine Furniture Restoration
Moving Transit Damage
Globe Stand Repair
Headboard Repair
China Molding Repair
Rococo Crown Replication
Moving Transit Damage